My First Crocus Flowers

05-02-15 crocus

The yellow centres of these first flowers remind me of boiled eggs!  Good enough to eat and if in a day or two the flowers droop I’ll know that a bumblebee has passed  this way.

8 thoughts on “My First Crocus Flowers

  1. Wow, yellow crocusses that early in the year! And such pretty ones!

    Here, the lilac coloured and white ones are ready to burst open. The yellow ones usually wait a little longer before they show up.

    Say “Hi!” to the bumblebee from me, should you see it!

    Much love,

    1. Hi Steffi, I haven’t seen any bees yet but someone has been visiting the crocus for nectar! Probably a queen bee foraging in the few hours sunshine the other day. She will be back in her nest, replete & ready to continue her winter hibernation.

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