Water World

I decided to go out after all; I can’t stay indoors for too long! I’m glad I did for although it was raining hard when I left home it had eased off by the time I had reached my first destination. I wanted to take a look at Campbell’s Lock and see how our new lock gates were bearing up under the strain of all the water that should now be flowing from the summit of the Newry Canal. I am part of an organisation involved with the re-establishment of that canal and earlier in the year with the help of our volunteers we had installed two new locks enabling the re-watering of a four mile section of the canal.  I wasn’t disappointed! The lock gates however had been opened to allow the heavy flood of water to pass through quickly and so help to reduce the risk of the canal overflowing.

one of Campbell's Lock gates
one of the lock gates
Campbell's Lock
the lock chamber at Campbell’s Lock

I jumped back in the car and drove back towards home but stopped off at Knock Bridge to take my walk to Moneypenny’s Lock. It’s only a short walk so if the rain had come on again I wouldn’t get too wet.

By the time I returned to the car the sun was just appearing in the western sky, very low of course, but very welcome. Isn’t it good to know that we have passed the Winter Solstice!

canal side

Yes! That’s my shadow on the far bank rising from the water. My spirits are lifted again!

Happy New Year to all who pass this way!

Winter Solstice


Today, 22nd December, at 4.49 GMT, it will be the shortest day & the longest night of the year, and so at that precise time in the northern hemisphere, the sun will appear to stand still. Our ancient ancestors celebrated this time with bonfires and stories, and probably many a glass of sweet ale because from this day onwards the days would be lengthening and the natural world in which they lived would begin to grow and flourish again.

So, in a similar fashion, today I will raise one or more celebratory glasses to the sun, and just like our ancestors, I will welcome the return of the light into our lives. It would be good if you also joined in this celebration…………..good Yule to you all!