Mount Stewart

With our picnic packed and the weather forecast promising a warm sunny day, we travelled to Mount Stewart in County Down, on the Ards Penninsula. It’s a place we love, and we will no doubt return again, and again!

Part of the reason to visit these gardens was to once again be surrounded by trees, something I have missed very much since the Coronavirus circulated the Earth. I feel that I am incomplete if I can’t have trees and their company in my life. So today I’m posting about a walk around a garden full of trees.

Looking over my shoulder at the entrance
The main path
The lake
The old rose garden
The old orchard
North garden
East garden

Here is the website:

After our visit we travelled a few minutes along the road to a small car park where there were some picnic benches and that’s where we remained until it was time to drive home.,+Garden+and+Temple+of+the+Winds/@54.5516191,-5.6041077,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x486171448181d2cf:0x4d8421bd9e57db4b!8m2!3d54.551616!4d-5.601919