(A) fri 26-06-20

Today is all about air!

For a long time, I have struggled with an idea; a wish to write something about the wind which this year seems to have been constantly rushing across this island.  So many times I have been in the garden and found myself thinking that I live by the coast!  I wish!  What I’m hearing are the oak trees in neighbouring gardens, their green boughs rising and falling as the air moves through them.  Then, when the wind drops, the only sounds are a mixture of birdsongs, mostly Blackbird and the cooing of Woodpigeon.

Aerial displays –

Swallow silhouettes,

High in the sky!

Looking up, the sky is streaked with long, thin trails of cloud that are being pushed up from the south-west.  It is there, high in the sky that the Swallows are feeding.  Their view of the world, I almost said “our” world, but of course, it is not, it is their world too, must be so different from ours!  How thrilling it must be to have that amount of power and energy in the muscles of one’s body!  I suppose the closest we could get to their physical gyrations would be as a pilot in the Red Arrows!

Aerial displays

Around the oak trees –

House Martins feeding!

As the wind drops, the movement of Atlantic air slows to a gentler pace, and I watch the House Martins circling and criss-crossing around and under the oak trees.  A very different display!  I think of how we take for granted the air that we breathe, it is only in our lungs for a short time and yet it gives us life.


Vital for our lungs,

Enabling us to breathe!



It dances all around us.

Air, we cannot own,

Without, we cannot exist!

Air!  The greatest gift!

I’m reading Jim Crumley’s latest book The Nature of Summer and he has just quoted something that John Muir wrote:  “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe”.