I’m off to the park!

I recently read a post about a visit to Granada in Spain.  The bright skies, perfect blues and the feeling of light was amazing in the author’s photographs.  I have never been to Spain, so I made a promise to myself that I should go there soon.

For now, today, I could only go as far as the southern end of Belfast, to Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park, about a half hour drive from home.

Of course it was raining, that fine soft rain that soaks you right through!  So here are some flowers to cheer me up!


A short course in Cumbria

1 greystoke green
Greystoke Village

The sun was shining when I arrived in the village but thereafter it mostly rained.  It was after all the Lake District but it didn’t worry me on this visit as the course I was on was indoors at the Cycle Cafe  –  http://www.quirkyworkshops.co.uk

I was on a wood engraving course and it was brilliant!  Here is some of my work.  I should point out that all of the wood blocks we worked on were very small, about 2″ x 1″.

Now that I’m home again I need to buy some tools so that I can continue.  Wish me luck!