Holding my breath

In one of the breathing exercises that I’ve been reading about recently, it was suggested that as I reached the fullness of my in-breath, I should pause, for just a moment, before exhalation.  Noticing this pause would help to quieten the mind if practiced regularly.

Now, I’m only at the beginning of this journey but during my first attempts of this practice, my thoughts were taken right back to my childhood, to the swing tied to a big sycamore tree in the back garden.  When alone, it was always exciting to see how high I could go; backwards and forwards, higher and higher!

Do you remember such moments, magical moments?  For a second you floated, before gravity pulled you back towards the earth.  This is what I recalled when I first started mindful breathing; a moment of wonder.


Today, I’m thinking of another magical moment, the winter solstice.  I know the exact moment when the short dark days change to being longer and brighter, but being outside in the garden this morning, listening to the birds, I was aware of the underlying energy.  A time of transition from cold and dark to growing warmth and light!

Why not celebrate this wonderful moment, this shift in the cycle of life and open yourself to being a part of Nature.

A woven garland,
Dressed with evergreens,
Hanging on an open door!

Happy Winter Solstice!