End of Autumn

breagh lane

On my walk this morning it was noticeable how many leaves and twigs were strewn along the lane. The last few days have turned distinctly chilly and whilst it has been dry, the wind has become stronger. In the sky the birds appear to be racing or maybe they are simply enjoying the change of tempo that comes at this time.

Late autumn --
The rooks flight
Driven by the wind.

When I return home I’d better move those tall pots to a more sheltered area of the garden.  I suppose in a way I will also appear to be racing to prepare for the change of season!  


oak tree

I sweep between the pots of geraniums, clearing leaves from the patio.  In next door’s garden, blocking the northern sky, an old oak tree raises and lowers its branches as a gust of wind passes through.

Oak tree leaves
Carried on October winds --
Letting go.

I gather up the leaves onto the shovel, just as a couple of Coal Tits skim over the hedge and land on the seed feeder.  Already they are preparing for the change of season, something that I am thinking about too.  The air is damp after days of rain.

A walk in a forest park

Throughout the last twelve months, some personal health issues and the pandemic have had an impact on my ability to write creatively.  However, when ever possible I have managed to make a few trips to places not visited in a long time.  One such outing recently was to Castlewellan Forest Park in County Down, not far from the coast at Newcastle.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.



It was fresh and cool day and we were glad we had taken a flask of tea and some cake.  On leaving to return home we were presented with a beautiful view of the Mourne Mountains.  What a lovely way to finish the morning.


A walk around the Estate

A few weeks ago we visited a private house and gardens that we had never been to before, the Montalto Estate near Ballynahinch. Although it was cold the day remained dry. Here are some of the photos that I took.

View from Edenavaddy Hill where the Battle of Ballynahinch took place in 1798