Autumn’s Days!

a speckled wood on hebe

Along with the butterfly in this photograph, a Speckled Wood, there are lots of bumblebees on the Hebe.  They are all harvesting what they can for the winter season to come.

The days are shorter but still they are warm.  In the background, I can hear a Wood Pigeon calling, also Swallows and House Martins chittering above me as they search for food.  A solitary Buzzard whistles as it circles on the thermals high, high above and the bamboo wind chimes on the fence, rattle lazily.


Bee’s hums,

Wind’s chimes,

Autumn’s days.


I haven’t been able to write much, so far this month, as I have been busy in the garden.  So, as the sun is still shining, I’m able to sit between chores and absorb the sights and sounds of the afternoon.  In one of those moments this ‘sound-bite’ came to me.  The wording in my verse may be a little odd but it works for me, if it is said slowly.





As I opened the study window, there was a freshness in the air, a definite change.  A different scent.


Cool morning air

Pours through the open window,

As a wood pigeon calls,

And a bumblebee hums.


Sun, lights up the sky,

Streaming into the room –

The first days of autumn.


It was a dry morning, for a change.  A chance to take a walk along the towpath which lies a few miles from our home.  Breakfast first, then off we go!  By the time we left home, the day was warming up.  Here are the pictures I took:





And finally, we arrive at Moneypenney’s Lock, where, with a group of friends, we once toiled in the bee garden.  I think this last photo is my idea of heaven.