Summer’s End

groomsport 1

This is the little harbour of Groomsport on the southern shore of Belfast Lough. My photograph was taken looking northeast across the North Channel towards Galloway in Scotland.

As a child I remember wonderful summer holidays in Groomsport watching the boats in the harbour.  There is a sandy beach on the other side of the harbour wall on the right of this picture.  From this recent visit, the idea for my verse took root.

Excited children,
Splashing on the seashore;
Holidays almost over!


groomsport 2

groomsport 3

On another day, at a different place and another time:

Seabird families,
Circling off the cliffs;
Summer's end!

Soon it will be the start of a new month and with it a change in the Earth’s cycle of celebration: Lammas / Lughnasadh.  I will open a new chapter in my seasonal journal as I look towards the Autumn equinox in September, and the end of the Celtic year in October.

Wishing you well.