January 2019


My physio said that I must walk more.  So this afternoon I did just that!  Two miles out on the main road and then into the country lanes.  The difference in the levels of noise is enormous!  Cars going at speeds they shouldn’t, creating regular whooshing sounds as they pass by me, and then as I turn into the lane, peace and quiet, as if I’ve just closed a door.

I am in low spirits just now as I read the other day that one of my favourite poets had died; Mary Oliver (1935-2109).  “Make of yourself a light” that’s what she wrote once!

The sky is wrapped around the landscape like a great grey blanket, ensuring the moisture cannot escape.  The only sounds are the blackbirds, sparrows, starlings, hooded crows, a robin, a pair of magpies and the quiet shush of the wind.