End of Autumn

pexels-zeinab-ghassemi-6632182 (2)

Original picture:Zeinab Ghassemi (Pexels)

Even though I know it is dark outside, I open the curtains.  I can’t see much except the rain which sparkles on the window, reflecting the street light; a nightscape of melting stars.  Sunrise is still two hours away.  I close the curtains and go back to bed!

This was a few mornings ago and now it seems like the shorter days and longer nights are gaining ground, quicker than I had expected.

After rainy days, mists!

Opening the curtains
No trees can be seen;
Morning mist!

Morning mist,
Hides the pond;

pexels-arina-krasnikova-6012834 (2)

Original picture: Arina Krasnikova (Pexels)

In a couple of days time, it will be Samhain, the ending and beginning of the Celtic New Year. Some also see November as the start of winter and certainly here on these islands, British Summer Time will end when we turn our clocks back by one hour on the last day of October.

The change in the amount of light means we will adjust, perhaps unconsciously, to the earth’s dark and mysterious energies.

To all my readers, happy inner journeys!