Dear Margarita

I wish that I could respond, Margarita del Brezo! Your wonderful short posts are special but I cannot make any comments as your “layers” of security (nothing to do with WordPress, because I’ve tried so many times) won’t let me! I’m sorry that I cannot comment! Get in touch via my contact page!

Have a great weekend.


On the seashore

With such high temperatures, the best place to be is beside the sea.

where the mountains of mourne sweep down to sea

There’s a line in a Percy French song that goes:

“Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea.”

Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland.  Enjoy it here!  Or better still, why not visit this glorious part of the Northern Ireland coast.

shore 6

shore 5

shore 4

shore 3

shore 2

shore 1


Have a great weekend,