Summer’s End

groomsport 1

This is the little harbour of Groomsport on the southern shore of Belfast Lough. My photograph was taken looking northeast across the North Channel towards Galloway in Scotland.

As a child I remember wonderful summer holidays in Groomsport watching the boats in the harbour.  There is a sandy beach on the other side of the harbour wall on the right of this picture.  From this recent visit, the idea for my verse took root.

Excited children,
Splashing on the seashore;
Holidays almost over!


groomsport 2

groomsport 3

On another day, at a different place and another time:

Seabird families,
Circling off the cliffs;
Summer's end!

Soon it will be the start of a new month and with it a change in the Earth’s cycle of celebration: Lammas / Lughnasadh.  I will open a new chapter in my seasonal journal as I look towards the Autumn equinox in September, and the end of the Celtic year in October.

Wishing you well.


Mount Stewart

With our picnic packed and the weather forecast promising a warm sunny day, we travelled to Mount Stewart in County Down, on the Ards Penninsula. It’s a place we love, and we will no doubt return again, and again!

Part of the reason to visit these gardens was to once again be surrounded by trees, something I have missed very much since the Coronavirus circulated the Earth. I feel that I am incomplete if I can’t have trees and their company in my life. So today I’m posting about a walk around a garden full of trees.

Looking over my shoulder at the entrance
The main path
The lake
The old rose garden
The old orchard
North garden
East garden

Here is the website:

After our visit we travelled a few minutes along the road to a small car park where there were some picnic benches and that’s where we remained until it was time to drive home.,+Garden+and+Temple+of+the+Winds/@54.5516191,-5.6041077,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x486171448181d2cf:0x4d8421bd9e57db4b!8m2!3d54.551616!4d-5.601919

Early Summer


Goodness! Is it really over a month since I last wrote here?

Today the sun is shining! It is a wonderful day; the sun is hot, there is a fresh breeze and I have put the garden parasol up to keep us from burning!

As we returned from our short morning walk, I took a photograph (above) of the new front border. These flowers remind me of the coast, which we have not visited in months! The pandemic has kept us close to home, but now that restrictions have eased we must travel to the coast again. I promise to take some photos.

All morning I have tried to complete a summer verse and have arrived at the following lines:

(early summer)

Thrift —

Rose-pink clusters,

A reminder of the coast.

These flowers are common on the coast and already I’m planning a walk. Can’t wait!

See you again soon!


Linked verses at the equinox

to wp

What a glorious morning to celebrate the Spring Equinox when night and day are of equal length.  A time when light and dark, inner and outer are in balance.  And in such a fertile time, I managed to finish my first attempt at writing a set of linked verses, which I publish below.



Standing still,
A Song Thrush listens -

Silence -
The sun begins to rise,
A Blackbird sings.

A Blackbird sings,
From dawn to dusk -
The spring equinox.

Earth Matters

Just over 200 years ago the earth’s human population was 1 billion.  I believe the latest data shows that today there are just under 8 billion people on our planet.  It is estimated that in another 30 years time, how a short a time is that, in 2050, the population will have risen to nearly 10 billion. That is no time at all in the earth’s long history.

This was on my mind this morning as I watched the clouds grow dark and heavy from the kitchen window.  Snow was forecast and sure enough it arrived with the wind.  It was 08.15 AM.





By early afternoon, in the space of a few hours when it seemed that we might have a blizzard, the snow had disappeared.  How quickly the weather and the earth can change!  I hope you are able to watch this video.

Late Winter


In some ways it’s difficult to believe that we are nearing the end of winter! In my photograph I am facing south, and it’s 11.00 in the morning! Yes, that’s the sun trying to break through the cloud!

No wind.
Walking on snow is fun;
Crump, crump, crump.

The midday sun
Peers through grey cloud.


It is so still, nothing moves, as if the Earth is holding her breath.


What next?

It has just passed mid-day and the frost that was clinging to the top of the hedge is only now loosening its grip.  I’ve not thought much about this before but I’m slowly realising that there is something comforting about this time of year.


The photograph was taken before dawn when the fog had dispersed.

Not only was there frost but also fog, so that only a few of the trees in neighbouring gardens were visible from my house.  I live on the edge of town, not in a wood, and usually from my back door I can see oak, ash, copper beech, willow, bird cherry and a row of great leylandii.  However, this morning only the leylandii which come close to my house, and two oaks were visible.  The leylandii stand in a large brooding block, thankfully to one side of my house, otherwise, I might have no view at all.  The two oaks, now with most of their leaves removed by strong winds, looked like spectres appearing and disappearing from the drifting fog.

Wrapped up!  Enclosed!  Held!  Secured!  That’s what I was thinking about this morning; how the winter wraps its arms around me, comforting me like a big blanket, allowing me to dream and to make plans.

I awoke very early this morning, too early, and my dreams followed me into the study where I wrote these lines:

Somewhere on an ocean,

Floating on the sea,

Guided by Great currents,

A raft, a life and me.

Flying fish for breakfast,

Salted meats for tea.

Whale spouts, luminous nights,

Wind in the sail;

At home, on the restless sea.


I know this dream.  I’ve dreamt it before, more than once!

Happy Mid Winter 2020

Here is a last photograph from the shore of Lough Neagh.

7 E

Wishing all my readers and all who visit my site, a very happy mid-winter and here’s looking forward to a happy, healthy and peaceful 2021,

Ashley 🎋🎋🎋