Towpath Tramp (2)

I’m writing this whilst stood by the kitchen sink, looking out into our small back garden.  Standing is more comfortable than sitting since I pulled my back badly earlier this week.  Actually, I’m standing on one leg as the other rests on a firm kitchen chair; shifting from one leg to the other every now and then also seems to help.

Whilst I write, I am watching a band of starlings scrapping with each other on the top of the hedge, as they wait for an available space on the bird feeder.  A few sparrows are in the hedge also and they take their chances whenever a starling vacates a feeding slot, flying in quickly and grabbing a seed before another quarrelsome starling lands.  I only filled the feeder earlier this morning and now at 11.00am it is already below the half-way mark.

 If I lean forward and stand on tip-toes I can see next door’s bird feeder which has peanuts in it.  A couple of starlings, one hanging upside down, are feeding furiously.  My neighbour told me once that they seemed to be spending as much on bird food as they did on feeding their dog.  Rusty was being taken for his morning walk and on hearing his name he looked up at me, held his head on one side and gave me an imploring look.  I felt sorry for him, poor little chap!

 The grey sky is racing across my view, going in a roughly west to east direction.  There are occasional breaks in the clouds when the pale blue infinity beyond is revealed.  Just as the daylight hours increase, so does my urge to be out walking again.  The Christmas and New Year festivities, work and now injury, all of these things are playing on my mind and pushing me towards some New Year resolutions, albeit a little late: to come up with a revised fitness routine; to walk much more this year; to ensure I’ve got my camera and sketch book with me on my walks and to come up with a different title for this blog, something with a wider view.

A happy and peaceful New Year to all who pass this way!

2 thoughts on “Towpath Tramp (2)

  1. Hi Ash. I’ve just read your two Towpath Tramp tales and I enjoyed them very much. I like your style of writing because it reads like it comes easy to you, and you have a knack of making mundane actions – such as standing at the kitchen sink – sound interesting, because I suppose everyone stands at the kitchen sink while enveloped in their own world and with their own thoughts.
    Hope the back’s feeling better. Been there myself.
    All the best, Alen

    1. I wish it was that easy! I haven’t written much prose, mostly poetry, nothing published. I would have said that your own writing flows very well & can be funny, even hilarious at times. I do enjoy a bit of history but not in such depth that it leaves me bewildered; in your case & depending on the subject of course, I find that I’m left asking questions & so I take the next step & try to find out more. After your post about 1066 & even after my own comments back to you, I went on to read some more about the argument as to the actual site of the battle.
      Meanwhile the back improves, but working full-time just becomes more of a wind-up. Ah well, only another 12 months to go until retirement, then maybe I can get on with living a more satisfying life!

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