The Art of Walking

08 on the Mourne Way Jun13

Into the Forest

Others have walked this way,
as the surface of the track
is rutted and worn

but I have seen no-one today.

The trees arch high above me,
their canopy
almost closing out the sky.

The path before me
curves into the distance,
going deeper and deeper into the forest;
another bend,
another fretted view between the trees.

An easy wind
whispers in the branches

and high above,
a crow calls.

My foot crunches a fallen twig,

and still

the quiet presence of this place
slips deeper and deeper
into my being.

(I wrote this poem after a walk in the Mourne Mountains last summer and then seeing a painting by the Japanese artist Kawasai Hasui 1883-1957). (And then re-wrote it when I viewed it on-line).

8 thoughts on “The Art of Walking

  1. Lovely poem. It reminded me of a quote I came across only recently, ‘And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul’ (attributed to John Muir)

    1. Thank you for dropping by! John Muir; a great man, known in the USA as the Father of The National Parks. There is a John Muir society in existence and of course in the USA the Sierra Club. I must read up more about him.

    1. Oh Corinne, you read my mind! I assume you mean the Camino de Santiago which I have wanted to go for some time! I’ve read about it, watched videos…..but as I get older, I’m now 70 and with a few recent physical health issues the dream moves further away. I would dearly love to do it, and others, particularly through France and Spain! Thank you for dropping by; bisous 😘

      1. It’ s wonderful, but quiet difficult specially at the franco-spanish frontier, but after the Pyrénées there is the “Meseta” it means table in Spanish…it’s very flat and very easy to walk on
        And my preference goes to Galicia, this is the Celtic part of Spain, very special,
        I speak Spanish, and they have a very special accent, not very easy but charming people !!!
        You have a sort of path of Saint-Jacques in Ireland ?

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