Apologies to Mister Mondrian

I recently began a course to learn about woodblock printing.  It only lasted for a couple of days but it was amazing in that I have rediscovered my passion for working in the Arts.  In my early years I had always loved the work of the artist Piet Mondrian and I decided that I would like to produce a woodblock print along the lines of one of his paintings.

Black borders or grey borders?  I’m still not sure and although my technical abilities are at this stage still those of the amateur the joy of learning is still there.  On top of that I really must buy myself a decent camera and learn how to use it properly.

6 thoughts on “Apologies to Mister Mondrian

    1. That is kind Marina, thank you. I have found an old goal in my life is still accessible and I’m not going to let it slip from my grasp this time! This is the beginning of another journey.

  1. Qué casualidad, estimado Ashley. Hoy precisamente he puesto el plato de un restaurante que al verlo me recordó a Mondrian al que admiro. por el colorido y las cuadriculas. Me gusta mucho lo que has hecho! Y seguro que estarás disfrutando realmente en esta nueva etapa de tu vida.
    Un abrazo!

    1. Thank you Barbara, the work was done in only two morning sessions and so I felt it was too hurried. However I learned a great deal and this is only the beginning. Hugs!

  2. Wow, Ashley –
    how wonderful that you are re-discovering your creative streak! And it is such a beautiful way to connect with the inner guidance, as well.
    I am not familiar with Mister Mondrian’s work, but I love both results of your practice.
    For some reason, my eye likes to rest upon the image with the black borders, today. This, of course, is an entirely personal observation and merely a matter of personal taste.
    Should I name a reason for my current preference, I believe, it is because for one, I find it looks calmer in black as the borders take up a colour that is already in the picture. Secondly, all the colours you chose are very clear and saturated colours and the grey border breaks with that choice – which in my perception makes it interesting, yet, takes away a bit of the clarity of the overall impression. Lastly, to my eyes the black borders build up more contrast which brings out the beautifully saturated and clear colours better. – So, I guess, today I like clarity!
    Thank you for sharing those pictures, I am enjoying them both.
    Much love,

    1. Steffi, that was written perfectly. The borders started out as grey then I changed my mind because I felt that the grey reduces the strength of the other colours. (Piet Mondrain Dutch artist 1872-1944)

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