Another rainy day


Our patio table has been unused for some weeks.  This pot however seems to be enjoying being in the centre of things!

8 thoughts on “Another rainy day

  1. Thanks Marina. It hasn’t stopped raining today and it looks set to continue into the weekend (well it is the Wimbledon fortnight after all !!!!)

  2. And the colours come through so beautifully on those grey and rainy days with diffuse light like this. That brightens things up, doesn’t it?!
    I saw on the weather radar that the UK got pounded with rain, today… Well, it has not exactly been bright here, in my neck of the woods on the continent, either… 😉
    That won’t keep me from sending you sunny greetings from my heart to yours, dear Ashley!
    Much love,

    1. It has been another day of rain here but definitely warmer, so summer is on its way! I posted this in 2016 and that table now in 2020 needs a coat of paint. A hug!

  3. It doesn’t rain here like it does for you over there. We can get rain, but not days & days of it. The rain is fine once in a while, but I don’t want it all the time.

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