I’m off to the park!

I recently read a post about a visit to Granada in Spain.  The bright skies, perfect blues and the feeling of light was amazing in the author’s photographs.  I have never been to Spain, so I made a promise to myself that I should go there soon.

For now, today, I could only go as far as the southern end of Belfast, to Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park, about a half hour drive from home.

Of course it was raining, that fine soft rain that soaks you right through!  So here are some flowers to cheer me up!


4 thoughts on “I’m off to the park!

  1. Bright sun and blue sky is o.k., but I must say a green park and a slight drizzle 😉 is even better.
    It looks like a lovely park / place close to home. Happy walking 🙂

    1. Dear Ashley, dear Marina,
      I totally agree with Marina!
      This park goes to my wishlist of things I want to see, next time when I visit the Isles.
      Oh, and those beautiful flowers on the meadow!
      Much love,

  2. It’s not too far from home via the motorway. The park contains the City of Belfast International Rose Gardens which are excellent, but in the rain all the flower heads were bent down! So no photographs this visit.

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