Autumn Equinox

We’re almost half way through the autumn and the gardens are slowly fading, but here is a bright corner being visited by the many flying insects.  My photograph shows a hoverfly.  Can you see it?

michaelmas dais

Deep cerise flowers

Now filling the dark border;

Michaelmas daisies!

11 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox

  1. For us, in Kentucky, the equinox will happen at 2:50am on the 23rd, which makes that around 8:50am your time. Mid-Autumn…a great time of the year! I like your hokku and the photo and enjoy your post!

    1. I do love flowers but now that we are in the middle of autumn the garden is loosing its colours by degrees. Muchas gracias por pasar por, Ivonne

  2. Lovely capture, Ashley. As for the verse, I had to look up 2 of the words used! Thanks for educating me! Our Autumn is feeling too cold already. I saw snow on Mt. Humphreys (5000 feet higher than us) last week, and snow is in the forecast for our elevation this coming week. I am used to October being the perfect hiking month. I’m still hopeful for a warmer last half of the month. 🌞

    1. Thank you, Lisa, I always appreciate your comments. Snow! Goodness! At about 54,5oN and not much above sea level, we don’t see much snow, perhaps in winter, in February. Also being an island, even a big one, and on the receiving end of the weather from the Atlantic, it’s mostly rain we have! Enjoy what’s left of your weekend. 💐🙋‍♂️

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