Spring Equinox


Is she drunk, this bumblebee,

as she stumbles and crawls

inside the crocus flower?


She is certainly bedraggled,

having just woken

from a very long sleep,


and in the urgent need

to drink a flower’s nectar

she forgot her usual early morning cleansing.


I love this busy Moma,

this fuzzy beastie, little Queen,

all hum and quiver,

full of vigour.



12 thoughts on “Spring Equinox

  1. Lovely, upliftning photos and text.
    Wonderful and light (in the midst of chaos).
    Thank you very much 🙂
    (tried to push ‘like’ button, but I have some tech
    problems this end, so I hope to ‘like’ later 😉 ).

      1. Thank you Clive. I think that was my first sighting of a bumblebee in my little garden! Bring on some more sunshine and warmth.

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