As I opened the study window, there was a freshness in the air, a definite change.  A different scent.


Cool morning air

Pours through the open window,

As a wood pigeon calls,

And a bumblebee hums.


Sun, lights up the sky,

Streaming into the room –

The first days of autumn.


It was a dry morning, for a change.  A chance to take a walk along the towpath which lies a few miles from our home.  Breakfast first, then off we go!  By the time we left home, the day was warming up.  Here are the pictures I took:





And finally, we arrive at Moneypenney’s Lock, where, with a group of friends, we once toiled in the bee garden.  I think this last photo is my idea of heaven.



34 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Oh there’s nothing better than an early morning walk along the towpath. Reminds me of canalboat holidays with my parents. Lovely photos too! Thanks Ashley.

  2. I enjoyed the poem and photos, very much, Ash-tree! Yes, especially that last photo! Your post makes me want to take a walk. I think I’ll head to one of the trails, nearby, and take in the autumn smells. Thanks for the post!

  3. It’s always so uplifting to see a wildflower meadow or garden – good for the soul and good for the bees! I hope August brings more summer days to go out and enjoy more walks like that.

    1. If only the weather would improve! This summer’s weather has been depressing and now the first harvests are in it would be nice to think that the autumn will lift the spirits before the winter.

  4. So nice. Looking at the last picture , I feel like you ; heaven must be like this with trees, flowers and blue sky. I wish you a nice August.

    1. Andrea, thanks for dropping by! Autumn is such a satisfying season, harvesting fruits planted in the spring. Of course, I will also be asking myself whether I have done enough to sustain me over the winter!

      1. Earlier in the year, I set out to only write spring verses in the spring, summer verses in the summer and so on. At the beginning of August (Lammas), I opened another notebook, headed Autumn, and so far the ‘system’ seems to be working although I wasn’t very hopeful at the start. I’m not writing volumes, but enough to keep the creative energy going. Some of the notes I made in spring and in summer I won’t use until those seasons next year!

  5. Dear Ashley, thank you so much for reading so many posts. Greatly appreciated. I did like Ashley from the film, one of the greatest. I could watch it again every few weeks. The fish and chips at the pub are so tempting, that I had to get some here while writing this post. By the way, I love the beautiful countryside around your home. Thank you again.


  6. Moneypenney’s Lock looks heavenly with all the flowers. Are those wildflowers or is this a planted garden? The second image is just stunning. I’ve cycled many towpaths. It makes for a good holiday.

    1. There are some wildflowers but mostly this was a planted garden to attract pollinators. The towpath runs for about 20 miles between Newry and Portadown here in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, the canal has not been used for many many years, there are no gates on any of the locks apart from two which were built and installed by volunteers, including me. The stretch of water between the gates, about 4 miles, enabled kayaks and canoes to be used. The bee-garden was created by volunteers also including me and my wife, but like so many things even it has not been maintained. Nevertheless, the towpath makes for great walking and cycling.

      1. It’s challenging to keep up old canals. The ones that I have cycled along generally have funds from the state or federal government to maintain them as parks. Some sections still have the canals intact with opportunities to kayak or canoe. It’s nice that there are people like you who put in time and effort to preserve these areas.

      2. Now that I’ve passed 70 I’m trying to reduce the amount of voluntary work, particularly the physically demanding things. Some lighter duties instead!

    1. Thanks, Geri for your comment. I’m glad I took the picture when I did. If I were to return today it would be nothing like that as we’ve had rain and wind and more rain!

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