A walk around the Estate

A few weeks ago we visited a private house and gardens that we had never been to before, the Montalto Estate near Ballynahinch. Although it was cold the day remained dry. Here are some of the photos that I took.

View from Edenavaddy Hill where the Battle of Ballynahinch took place in 1798

35 thoughts on “A walk around the Estate

  1. Thank you for the beautiful photo collage of the elegant estate.
    Very nice with a glimpse from one of your garden and tree spotting tours.
    Also a great “tree hug” tip in comments.

    1. Hi Marina, yes, I love to hug a tree when I can! 🤗 The gardens were new to us, and it always good to explore new places. The house is private, so no tour there, but the gardens have lots to explore. We’ll try to return there in the spring 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. During these difficult times, we must not turn inward but look outside of ourselves, and in particular to nature. I realise this estate is a very managed environment but gardens also have their benefits for the soul.

  2. Wow, the second tree is magical. I love how it towers over everything, looking like it has lived so many lives. Thank you for sharing your photos and I will ask Markus to tell me something about the Battle of Ballynahinch.

    1. Thanks Micah! It was a lovely visit and we were also able to have our lunch there as well which meant we could have another walk in the afternoon! A whole day there was a treat during this awful pandemic!

  3. You really are blessed with some lovely places to visit! Have only been to your part of the world twice and that was a long time ago, we keep talking about a revisit…

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