End of Autumn

breagh lane

On my walk this morning it was noticeable how many leaves and twigs were strewn along the lane. The last few days have turned distinctly chilly and whilst it has been dry, the wind has become stronger. In the sky the birds appear to be racing or maybe they are simply enjoying the change of tempo that comes at this time.

Late autumn --
The rooks flight
Driven by the wind.

When I return home I’d better move those tall pots to a more sheltered area of the garden.  I suppose in a way I will also appear to be racing to prepare for the change of season!  

45 thoughts on “End of Autumn

  1. Dear Ashley, lovely thought expressed in a lovely way, but after you have moved those pots, could you please put some food for the birds out: seeds, mealworms (dried) for your robin, and plenty of fat balls or squares. The birds are our brothers, after all, and sharing our life journey. I love your photographs!


    1. Dear Joanna, never fear about the birds in our garden, they are well fed. Not many species but lots of house sparrows (a little flock of about 15 visits most days around lunchtime😂 they’re so funny) robin, wren, blackbird and starling. Actually, the starlings can be quite a pest at times particularly when about 50 descend into our little ‘yard’.

  2. There’s certainly a change in the air – or rather the wind! It’s been blowing a gale for 3 days. I haven’t been out and the birds are sheltering in the bushes and under our eaves!

    1. There is still plenty of greenery in the trees here in NI but the wind is still managing to pull them off the branches, and it’s turned cold. It’s only 48-50F today.

  3. Dear Ashley,
    Thank you for your vivid NI end of autumn images in photo and printed words. Your bird haven sounds nice, but cold winds less so. But I understand, you are dressed for it 🙂 – happy weekend.

    1. Dear Marina, thank you for your welcome comments. I don’t mind the cold really but object to constant grey skies which thankfully we don’t have today. Happy Sunday 😊

    1. I would have liked to photograph the rooks but they were behind the trees by the time I had my phone ready! Typical! Thanks, Andrea for your lovely comment 😊

  4. What a lovely view. The fall here got ended by a strong snow storm that broke many branches, and froze what was left of fall leaves. It is my favorite season so I’ll miss it until next time.

  5. Gorgeous imagery and thoughts here Ashley. I envy your chill. Looking forward to wearing snuggly warm layers. I hope you’re having a great day. 😘

  6. Love your hokku. Corvids generally seem to enjoy the blustery winds of Autumn. Round home it’s the Raven and Jackdaw that we see playing with the wind.

  7. Today, the turn of the seasons took on a similar pace, here and I made similar observations.
    I hope your pots are all cuddled in, by now. Mine will be, soon, as well.
    Sending much love!

    1. Thanks Edo! Much appreciated. If the wind and rain would stop we will see tonight a full (blue) moon. A time to remember those who are no longer with us!

  8. We are certainly feeling, and seeing, the difference here…back to my bed socks! The bonus is, the garden is so bare we can watch all the birds on the hanging feeders beneath the wisteria but I’m not so sure they are happy about it!

    1. Bed socks? Now, where did I put mine? 😂 You’re right about the bare garden, everything pared back to the minimum, the structure of things exposed.

  9. It’s almost a year later, and we find ourselves in Autumn again! That went fast! I love the cooler temps, the possibility of shutting off the air conditioner, and the turning leaves. It’s always so beautiful to view Nature in a new light! Thanks for sharing your sweet poem & photo, Ashley! 🌞

    1. Dear Lisa, thank you for your lovely response to my post. Autumn is well underway again, and it’s time for us here to think of covering up the garden furniture and tying down some other pieces. No doubt we will know the wind and rain again as it has also been very dry lately. 💐🙋‍♂️

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