Earth Matters

Just over 200 years ago the earth’s human population was 1 billion.  I believe the latest data shows that today there are just under 8 billion people on our planet.  It is estimated that in another 30 years time, how a short a time is that, in 2050, the population will have risen to nearly 10 billion. That is no time at all in the earth’s long history.

This was on my mind this morning as I watched the clouds grow dark and heavy from the kitchen window.  Snow was forecast and sure enough it arrived with the wind.  It was 08.15 AM.





By early afternoon, in the space of a few hours when it seemed that we might have a blizzard, the snow had disappeared.  How quickly the weather and the earth can change!  I hope you are able to watch this video.

50 thoughts on “Earth Matters

  1. Dear Ashley, the pictures are lovely, what you write is interesting, although, I can pipe you to the post as here is minus and much less. freezing, hauling wind, and snow.

    Bur Ashley, please, please, fill those birds’ food containers full, as birds are starving, cold, and begging for food, can’t you hear them? And they do need fat balls or “big candles” of fat to hang and warm water every day! They are our brothers! Thank you in anticipation from the birds.


    1. Have no fear, Joanna, Sunday is for replenishing the bird feeders, even though this morning it’s blowing a gale, again! Fat balls, niger and sunflower seeds and mixed seeds too. Also food on the ground. I hope you were able to watch the video 🙏

  2. Great photos, Ash! I like that view from your backyard. That’s a great looking tree! The cold weather will be gone sooner than you think. Interesting thoughts going through your head! I just wonder how many people it will take to deplete our world of natural resources. If we don’t control our population, nature will!

  3. That tree is magic. And yes, crazy how much we have populated this earth, for better or worse. I saw a video about how everything man created is larger than the mass of earth already. Crazy.

    1. Dear Marcus and Micah, I think of you often on those islands and worry that the future is so seemingly bleak! Bless you both, and the turtles too 🤩🙏

    1. Thank you, Rudi, the future is a worry! The video looks 30 years ahead and I suppose I might just be there, I’d be 100, but what those in power will do is depressing to think about. Thank you for visiting my blog! Keep taking your wonderful pictures! 🙏

  4. It’s crazy how quickly things are changing. So much of our past, we took for granted seeing only those things that were directly in front of our faces. Now, for sure, changes are coming quickly and Nature seems to be paying attention. 👀🍃

    1. Indeed Gail and I believe Nature will come back to bite us! Thank you for visiting, it’s always a pleasure to be in touch with you. Enjoy what’s left of Sunday! 🌿🙏

    1. Chris, my fear is that we won’t ‘fit’ in and there lies a problem for the earth and for us! Thanks for dropping in. Enjoy your Sunday! 🙋‍♂️

  5. What a beautiful tree, Ashley ! And I love the colours in your hedge. Down here, the snow has started to melt a bit. I wonder if we’ll have to wait many years to see it again.

    1. Unfortunately, the tree is not in my garden, but then my garden is tiny! The hedge is mine and we have a lot of small birds hopping in and out to the feeders as it gives them security. The snow went quickly and it’s been raining since and blowing a gale; we are influenced greatly by the weather coming off the Atlantic so snow is unusual. Thanks for your comment 😊🙏

  6. Hello Ashley,
    I say hello to you to thank you for your article I will take the time to watch this documentary which is also subtitled in French;)
    thank you very much Ashley
    Just the beginning of the film when the man speaks … it calms
    I hope you’re okay
    Je t’embrasse très fort😘🕊🍀🌹🌝

    1. Hello Corinne, thank you for visiting my blog and for putting aside some time to watch the video later. I hope you find it as persuasive as I did. Je t’embrasse tres fort🤗😘💌

  7. Oh yes, Ashley, it’s frightening to think about how more and more people need food, safe homes, education and health care. It is a difficult, perhaps unsolvable, task.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany…

    1. Rosie, thank you for dropping in to my blog! It is a worry that the increase in population may mean food and water shortages in the future and that future is really only a few years away. Keep well.

  8. Oh my goodness I was watching this endgame video and then I got called away… It’s so necessary and wonderful to see and to be cognizant of what we are doing here and what we can do as well. I am a huge supporter of environmental management and actively being involved. 👍I love your photos too.

    1. Dear Morag, thank you for taking the time to watch the video. The earth is at a pivotal moment and we humans are the ones who are damaging our only home. The pandemic may actually open people’s eyes to the difficulties ahead. Thanks for visiting my site. 🙏

  9. Your photos are beautiful! And I’m glad the snow melted so quickly again. We had extremely freezing temperatures in the last two weeks but are now getting back to more pleasant ones. Maybe too pleasant as it feels like spring already which is nice but not normal.
    I’ve watched part of the Endgame video and will come back to it later – what an eye opener! Reminds me of a documentary I watched this week by David Attenborough ‘A Life on our planet’. It’s very good but also a bit depressing of course what with the world heading the way it is at the moment. But there’s still hope and I do believe that everybody can make a difference by their life choices. It’s lovely to know that you and I share this interest in the wellbeing of our environment and the planet.❤

    1. Dear Sarah, such a wonderful reply! The numbers (population) are depressing and the video left me wanting many more people to watch it and change their life choices! This passion I have for the earth’s wellbeing has been bubbling under the surface for years but since retiring from work about 6 years ago, it feels like the passion is even greater! Do read Merlin Sheldrake’s book Entangled Life; if you don’t mind some of the scientific terminologies, you will find that there may indeed be some hope for the future! Enjoy what’s left of the weekend. Thank you for your lovely comments 💌🙏

      1. I’ve watched the rest of the video now, Ashley. I was particularly shocked to hear that scientists discovered arteriosclerosis plaques even in children! I’d no idea. Living on a plantbased diet makes more and more sense, doesn’t it? Ordered Sheldrake’s book from the library. 😉
        Wishing you a lovely week ahead! 🙏💕

    1. Hi, Kally 🙋‍♂️ thank you for dropping by and for your comments. It’s a month since I wrote here and it’s still cold, but dryer! 😊🙏

    1. Merci, Corinne! J’ai fait un commentaire à ce sujet mais cela n’apparaît pas sur le blog! Ça ne fait rien! Je vous souhaite un excellent week-end avec votre famille. Bisous 💖🙏

      1. Please, try gain!
        My blog is driving me crazy…
        Il dont know, what’s going on
        My husband must have a look on it today.🤞😅😘🌞

  10. Yes Ashley. It goes really fast but I don’t believe in growth forecasts, whatever the subject. I believe that humans will have to learn to moderate their various impulses, to live better rather than to live in the always more. Anyway, we no longer have a choice. Either we regulate ourselves, or nature or wars will take care of it.
    I hope my French English is correct and translates my thoughts well.
    Good evening and let’s keep hope!

    1. Indeed! If we don’t change our ways, Earth will change things for us, and not necessarily to our liking. Your French English works well. At this time I write only in English. Keep well, stay safe! Ashley 🙏

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