A day in 3 parts

What a glorious day!  These could be the last good days of summer, so off we go for a tour of County Down to some of our favourite places.  First to the house and gardens of  wonderful Mount Stewart.

Then we board the ferry at Portaferry to cross to Strangford.  Such a short trip but being on the water is a joy today.

A short drive from Strangford is Kilclief.  There are a few families on the beach: one group having a picnic, another playing cricket and at the edge of the sea some children paddling.  This is the perfect place to stop and relax.  The sun is warm and the air is fresh.  It doesn’t get better than this!


9 thoughts on “A day in 3 parts

  1. I too hope these sunny days last well into the autumn. You will know just like me that we in northern latitudes do need that extra bit of sunshine! Thank you for dropping by!

    1. We need to walk the low ground and the high ground to get the best views of this Earth, our only home. Thank you for dropping by.

  2. ¡Qué lugares más hermosos! Las fotografías son preciosas. Adoro el agua, la playa, los lagos, los ríos. Creo que soy medio pez y necesito estar en contacto con ella.
    Un abrazo, estimado amigo.

    1. Thank you Lisa for dropping in! Goodness, 6 years since this post, however, we visit the Ards Peninsula often and indeed will be returning there next weekend for a couple of nights in Portaferry. We’re looking forward to that, very much. Perhaps I will post about our stay there. 🌹🙋‍♂️

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