Sunshine, sea and sand!

C-the east strand portrush

The East Strand, Portrush

Yes!  The sea and the sand with some sunshine!  Unfortunately, it is bitterly cold.

It is only April after all.

9 thoughts on “Sunshine, sea and sand!

    1. I’m back on this north coast again for a few days and the sun still shines, it’s a little warmer too, so warmER hugs to you. Good to hear from you and yes I’m smiling 😊 too.

  1. Wow, beautiful.
    And now it’s November, it probably looks very similar today. Fresh air!
    Thanks, Ashley, for stopping by wordverseuniverse; I look forward to enjoying more of your photos.

    1. At this time the weather is very changeable. We’ve had some wonderful bright sunny days and yes, the beach on our north coast will look just the same. However, the winds are now blowing in from the north-west and they bring a touch of the Arctic. Thanks for dropping in on this occasional blog.

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