A walk before Christmas

portrush-from-east-strandIt’s cold; there’s a fresh breeze blowing from the northwest, but it is a wonderful day!Β  A day to help blow away all grief and sadness and look forward to a quiet Christmas.

10 thoughts on “A walk before Christmas

  1. Thank you, Marina! This year has been a very sad one but at last, it feels like I’m coming out of the darkness. The New Year will bring some positive changes and already I’m thinking about the spring!

  2. So sorry to hear about sad year, Ashley. I wish; let all sad years be gone, and let us all have Nice, Positive New Years from today anf onwards. I think today is a great day to make the ‘things I AM grateful for’ list.
    Best wishes for a happy holiday season.

  3. Dear Ashley,

    Feeling through grief and sadness can make the world look dark. There is a time to feel through the sadness and the grief and there is a time to feel joy. Both are important, both are transitory and both allow us to transform. I am happy for you that the dark clouds begin to lighten up… ❀

    I am wishing you a Peaceful and Merry Christmas and a Bright and Happy New Year, dear Ashley!

    Much love, and if you like, a warm hug from Hamburg, Germany,

    1. Dear Steffi,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. Today is the Winter Solstice, as I’m sure you know, so again the sun reaches just that little bit higher in the sky over the coming days and weeks, and if we stay connected with our Mother Earth our spirits will be raised too.
      Have a happy healthy Christmas and New Year.
      Much love and warm hugs to you too.

    1. Dear Lisa, this post carries me back to a different world. The photo is of Portrush on our north coast and I don’t think we’ve been back there many times since then! After this we spent 4 weeks over Christmas in London looking after our youngest daughter’s flat, and cat, whilst she had a grand holiday in South Africa. Such a long time ago now……..when will we see our daughters again (they are both “over the water”)?

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