A walk in a forest park

Throughout the last twelve months, some personal health issues and the pandemic have had an impact on my ability to write creatively.  However, when ever possible I have managed to make a few trips to places not visited in a long time.  One such outing recently was to Castlewellan Forest Park in County Down, not far from the coast at Newcastle.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.



It was fresh and cool day and we were glad we had taken a flask of tea and some cake.  On leaving to return home we were presented with a beautiful view of the Mourne Mountains.  What a lovely way to finish the morning.


47 thoughts on “A walk in a forest park

  1. Castlewellan Forest Park is so green and so beautiful! That fourth photo looks like a quiet, beauteous walking trail/road. I imagine you’ll go there often; don’t know how far away it is. That lake and the mountains!!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures! Hope you stay virusless, Ash-tree-sama!!

    1. Thanks Edo! We will return and do more exploring there! I’m sure there are parts we’ve not seen before. The drive there is just under an hour.

  2. Wonderful pictures. I hear them speaking of lovely days with lots of trees and lake and mountain views, soothing sights (and sounds, I presume). Thank you for sharing. Stay healthy and walking.

    1. Hi Marina, thanks for dropping by! Like the rest of Ireland and Britain, there are not as many trees as there should be, so it is good to celebrate those that we have! There weren’t many people about so I was able to hug a few trees without looking over my shoulder 🤣.

      1. Unfortunately I’m still not getting out much, Ashley. We are allowed to go out, but some issues make it difficult for me, personally.
        There’s still enough to be grateful for and happy things to focus on, though!

    1. Martin! I’m shocked that you’ve never been there! It’s under an hours drive, and at the moment because of the pandemic, there is no charge to enter! Maybe I’ll see you there!

  3. Looks like it’s a real nice place to take a stroll in. Somewhat like the Grings Mill area over here. Your Images of it are nice & clear.

    1. Thanks, Les! I’m afraid I’m no expert when it comes to photography. After breaking so many cameras in my time I’m now relying on my mobile phone!

      1. I’m no expert either. Far from it. Breaking cameras? Must be careful, Ashley. I’m sure that if I broke one of my cameras, I’d soil myself!

  4. What a beautiful place, a real tonic to see your pictures now my walks are so limited due to my health and the dog’s. I hope your health issues are steadily improving!

      1. I can so relate! We were “meant” to go a favourite National Trust garden just yesterday but had to curtail, hoping to manage it in a week or so. I was so disappointed in a way that wouldn’t have got to me pre lockdown but now, well, its been a a tough year and we do well to throw ourselves these carrots!

  5. Beautiful photos Ashley – and that’s a stunning view of the Mournes. I’ve been to Castlewellan but unfortunately didn’t go round the Forest Park – wish I had now but your photos are the next best thing.

    1. Yes, the yellow tree is special. As soon as we came around the bend there it was like a big light pulling us towards it. Thanks MB for dropping by.

  6. My cousin lives in New castle upon tyne… Is that near you? I live in South Africa so I am not clear about the Uk. My father came from Scotland so I have a lot of cousins there all over the Uk /Scotland.

    I think the Uk is so pretty. And your photos reflect that too.

    1. I’m in Northern Ireland. We do have a Newcastle here in County Down, not far from the forest park in my blog, but Newcastle upon Tyne is actually across the sea in northern England.

    1. It’s not at all eerie! It is usually windy when we go there with the wind coming up over the mountains (the Mourne Mountains) or off the Irish Sea. It’s a great place to visit and listen to the music of the mountains or the sea. Thank you for dropping by 😘

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