oak tree

I sweep between the pots of geraniums, clearing leaves from the patio.  In next door’s garden, blocking the northern sky, an old oak tree raises and lowers its branches as a gust of wind passes through.

Oak tree leaves
Carried on October winds --
Letting go.

I gather up the leaves onto the shovel, just as a couple of Coal Tits skim over the hedge and land on the seed feeder.  Already they are preparing for the change of season, something that I am thinking about too.  The air is damp after days of rain.

27 thoughts on “October

    1. Joanna, I’ve tried to be precise in this post, autumnal, and highlight the idea of ‘my place in nature’. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  1. A beautiful tribute to the new season. I like the contrast of welcoming in the change and also letting go. Wonderfully written! Thank you Ashley!

  2. Very beautiful text – and hokku – it is almost as if one can feel the wind and damp air. And nice with some photo documentation 🙂 – I hope the October sun shines on you and your garden.

  3. I had an interesting, quite affecting, dream last night (was just telling my husband) that I was a tree letting go of all my leaves in a gust of wind…I won’t forget the feeling of that in a hurry!

      1. Oh I’m so glad you think so, its one of my very favourite go-to albums, especially the second half, just transports me. The same video creator I mentioned MrMarrs on youtube has done some magical interpretations of the tracks.

  4. And here we are in another October, Ashley! It’s already getting too cool here, making me think winter might be coming early for us. I love your poem & photo, and the words surrounding them seem to sing with Autumn. Thanks for sharing, my friend! 🌞

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